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BBQ / equipment


  • You can leave the used iron plate and net as they are, but please clean up the excess ingredients.
    Barbecues are available on the tents and terraces of each villa's garden.
    In case of rain, some villas may not be available, so please check when making a reservation.
    In addition, barbecue must be completed by 21:00 according to the rules of the villa.
    We have enough charcoal, but we cannot add it, so please prepare it if necessary.

    *Equipment rental requires advance reservation, and rental on the day may be refused.
    *The barbecue stand comes with a set of iron plate, net, charcoal, ignition agent, and fire scissors.
    *We have tongs for food, but we do not have paper plates, paper cups, disposable chopsticks, etc.
    *The fee for bringing in barbecue equipment is 2,000 yen per vehicle.
Extra large((For 8 to 10 people)1 car a day:5,000 JPY((Iron plate / net size:About 90 cm x 40 cm)
Big((For 6 to 7 people)1 car a day:4,000 JPY((Iron plate / net size:Approximately 62 cm x 30 cm)
During ~((For 4 to 5 people)1 car a day:3,500 JPY((Iron plate / net size:Approximately 53 cm x 25 cm)
small((For 2 to 3 people)1 car a day:3,000 JPY((Iron plate / net size:Approximately 33 cm x 22 cm)

Yakiniku, hot pot, etc.

  • You can feel free to use yakiniku and hot pot dishes indoors.
    ・Hot plate:1,000 yen/1 day
    ・Cassette stove:1,000 yen/1 day
    ・Pot set:1,200 yen/1 day

    *The pot set is a clay pot and a cassette stove (with gas), or an electric grill pot.
    *Customers are requested to prepare the ingredients.

Leisure relations

Our tennis court((5 minutes by car from the front desk)

  • ・Hardcourt free((Up to 2 hours per group)
    ・Racket rental:200 yen per bottle

    *Tennis ball rental is free if it is worn out.
    *There are cracks on the tennis court due to aging, and there is no center mark on the net.
     For those who play tennis in earnest, we would like to introduce Takeuchi Tennis.
    *It is available on an hourly basis and is open from 7:00 to 18:00. ((There is no night game facility)
    *Even if you don't have tennis shoes, you can use it with ordinary sneakers.

Takeuchi Tennis Court((Affiliation / 10 minutes by car from the front desk)

  • ・Hardcourt:2,500 yen per hour((There are 6 sides)
    ・Clay coat:2,000 yen per hour((There are 14 sides)

Bicycle rental

  • 【For adults】
    400 yen per hour/ /800 yen for 3 hours/ /1,200 yen during business hours/ /Return the next morning 2,000 yen
    【for children】
    300 yen per hour/ /700 yen for 3 hours/ /1,000 yen during business hours/ /Return the next morning 1,400 yen

Mahjong set

  • 1,100 yen/1 day((Mahjong pie / table set)

amenities rental

  • ・Yukata rental((For adults only):150 yen per sheet
    ・Bath towel rental:100 yen per sheet

Equipment provided in the villa

electric appliancesTV / refrigerator/ /toaster/ /microwave oven/ /Washing machine((Some villas)
*For those who stay for a long time, we will prepare a villa with a washing machine as much as possible.
kitchenrice cooker/ /Cooking utensils/ /Tableware/ /seasoning((Salt, pepper, soy sauce, salad oil)
BedclothesComforter/ /mattress/ /blanket/ /Pillow/ /Sheets
OtherBathroom((With shower)/ /Body soap
  • *amenities goods / shampoo / conditioner / towel / bath towel / toothbrush / nightwear etc.
     We do not have it, so please bring it with you.
    *We have several hair dryers available free of charge, so please ask the front desk if you need them.
    *For items or details not listed above, please contact the reception front desk.