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Things to do

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  • Tourist attractions

    • Karuizawa Toy Kingdom

      There are plenty of events where you can play with friends from the kingdom, an amusement park that is very popular with young children.
    • Asama Plateau Rhododendron Garden

      A spot where 150,000 strains of shakunage grow in clusters.
      The best time to see the flowers is short, from mid-May to early June, but the promenade is available from April to November.
    • Lake Baragi

      You can walk around the lake in about 30 minutes, which is also popular as a hiking course.

      It is a spot where you can enjoy outdoor sports such as disc golf and archery, and indoor sports such as bowling.
    • Onioshidashi Park

      The art of lava created by the eruption of Mt Asama.
      You can witness the wonders and grandeur of natural energy.
    • Asama Volcano Museum

      It is a museum where you can experience the power of volcanoes and the heartbeat of the earth.
    • Kanbara Kannon-Do / Tsumagoi Folk Museum((adjacent)

      It is a must-see spot when talking about the history of Tsumagoi Village.
    • Kazawa Lily Garden

      The ski slopes are covered with lilies in the summer.
      It's easy to see while climbing up to the top of the mountain with a lift and descending.
    • Asama Otaki Fall

      It is the largest waterfall in Kitakaruizawa.
      There is also a three-tiered waterfall called "Uodome Falls" nearby.
    • Shiraito Falls

      It is a waterfall with a width of about 70m and a head of 3m.
      Since it is on the Shiraito Highway, the link destination is the Shiraito Highway website.
    • Sweetgrass Adventure

      Very Popular!
      It is an outdoor park that coexists with nature in Kitakaruizawa.
    • Michi-no-Eki Yamba Furusato-kan

      Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) near Yamba Dam and the vegetable shop are popular.
    • Marble Village Lock Heart Castle

      It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from us, but the building that imitates medieval Europe is a must-see.
    • Prefectural Gunma Astronomical Observatory

      This is a must-see for those who are interested in observing stars!
      We also hold monthly events.

      You can enjoy experiences such as milking and cheese making, and interacting with animals.

      If you experience Jomon at the museum, try making Jomon!
      You can make magatama and experience making a fire.
    • Trick Art Museum

      Let's try taking interesting pictures at a museum that uses the optical illusion!
    • Erz Toy Museum

      We collect and display woodworking toys from the former East Germany and Erz region, as well as high-quality educational toys.
    • Taliesin

      You can enjoy amusement facilities and water balloons in Lake Shiozawa.
    • Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

      It is an outlet shopping mall that you should stop by once you come to Karuizawa.
  • Hot springs that can be used for day trips

  • Neighborhood ski resort

    • Palcall Tsumagoi Ski Resort

      A ski resort where even beginners can slide down from the top.
      Go to the summit at once with the 3.2km gondola "Palcannon"!
      If you go to the Baragi slope, you can enjoy a super long cruising with a total length of 4.5km.

      From late December to the end of March, we offer great ski packs.
    • Kazawa Snow Area

      A ski resort where you can ski up to Golden Week on the north-facing slope.
      The "Kaman Ski Slope", which is open on Saturdays, Sundays and the year-end and New Year holidays, is a safe course even for beginners.
      The "Highland Slope", which is normally open, has an attractive slope that is satisfying even for intermediate and advanced skiers.
      *It is also attractive because it is strong against the wind and the lift does not stop easily.

      From late December to the end of March, we offer great ski packs.
    • Karuizawa Snow Park

      A ski resort where dogs can go with them.
      Family friendly, there is also a family pack.
      In the summer, the entire ski resort becomes a huge dog run!
      The cosmos field on the mountaintop is a must-see.
    • Manza Onsen Ski Resort

      The ski slopes of powder snow are really the best!
      Children under elementary school age are also happy that the lift fee is free!
      *There is also a night game on Saturdays.
    • Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Resort

      A ski resort with various course. ((There is a night game business)
      Lift fee is free for children under elementary school age.
      It's near Karuizawa Outlet, so you can enjoy shopping after skiing!
    • Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort

      8km downhill!
      Let's slide at an altitude difference of 926m at a stretch!
      There is also a kids park, so it is safe for families.
      Kusatsu is famous for its hot springs, so after skiing, refresh yourself at a day trip hot spring!
    • ST Rental Group

      Ski and snowboard rentals here!
      Delivery to the front desk is also possible with advance reservation.
      *Trendy snowshoes can also be rented.
  • Nearby restaurants

    • Soba Restaurant Asagiri

    • Tsumagoi Kogen Brewery

    • Restaurant Suisha

    • Japanese food ball boat

    • Kappo Jubei

    • Japanese Cuisine Hirose